Our Services

Lawn & Yard Maintenance

Set up a regular schedule for your Tyler, TX yard maintenance. After an initial consultation, we can set up an annual plan to make sure your yard is always at its best!

Clean Up and Hauling

Has it been a while since your yard got the attention it needs?  Is it time for a seasonal clean up? We can clear out overgrown plants and weeds to give you a better place to start from. Debris is taken for compost and recycling.

Fertilizer Treatment

If you love caring for your lawn, but just need some help with fertilizing or pest control, we can schedule those services. We also do consultations to answer questions about your yard.

We've been in the industry for over 15 years


Weekly and Bi-Weekly Service


We offer lawn mowing on a weekly and bi-weekly basis, we recommend weekly lawn mowing for most clients in order to keep your lawn looking its best. Weekly mowing ensures an even, clean cut, and improves the health of your lawn. Healthy lawns are more attractive, better able to withstand the stress of hot Texas summers, and naturally block out weeds. 

We provide bi-weekly mowing if requested. However Bi-weekly mowing is not recommended for most residential lawns as it can result in an un-even cut, clumps being left on the lawn, and removal of too much of the length of the grass blade resulting in stressed grass.