Sod Installation for Tyler, TX

St. Augustine


 St. Augustine grass is commonly used in pastures and on ranches. It is a popular lawn grass, rivalling bermudagrass, though St. Augustine is somewhat less drought-tolerant. 



 Zoysia grasses grow during the warm-wet summer and are dormant in the drier, cooler winter months. They are popular because of their fine texture, soft feel, and low growth habit. They can form dense mats and even mounds that grow over low features. In contrast to St. Augustine, they generally require less fertilization and are less vulnerable to insect and fungus damage, depending on environmental conditions. 




Centipedegrass does well in sandy and acidic soils.  Centipede grass has low fertilization requirements. Too much nitrogen encourages the stolons grow above the soil instead of on the soil which then reduces its cold and drought tolerance.

When healthy, this full sun and slightly shade tolerant grass is aggressive enough to choke out weeds and other grasses.



 It is fast-growing and tough, making it popular and useful for sports fields, as when damaged it will recover quickly. It is a highly desirable turf grass in warm temperate climates, particularly for those regions where its heat and drought tolerance enable it to survive where few other grasses do.